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  • Cambodia’s earth guardian

    As an officer for UNDP’s “Boots on the Ground” programme, Phearanich Hing helps the Cambodian government devote resources (financial and technical) to address climate change challenges in the country.

  • All access Afghanistan

    In a student hostel in Jalalabad, Afghanistan something extraordinary is taking place. A young woman sits on her hostel bed, bent over a textbook. This is Abida, and she is training to be a nurse in a country where most women haven't finished primary school.

  • Boots on the ground with communities in Kenya

    As an officer for UNDP’s “Boots on the Ground” programme, Timothy Ranja manages and provides technical support to Energy and Climate Change Projects in UNDP Kenya.

  • Breathing life into Asia’s forests

    Celina (Kin Yii) Yong provides policy and technical advice to governments, organizations, and communities — including indigenous peoples and forest-dependent communities — on how to work together to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.

  • Travelling from coast to coast

    Dorine coordinates a project that helps communities in coastal areas adapt to the effects of climate change.

  • Civil protection volunteers in Haiti: Putting others first

    Camp Perrin used to be a lush city but after hurricane Matthew hit the country, around 2,300 houses were destroyed and thousands more damaged. Volunteers were the first ones out just a few hours after the catastrophe to help the stranded population.

  • Helping Armenia go green

    "Planet Doctor" Hovhannes helps disadvantaged communities live more climate-friendly lives.

  •  Silent Roar : Supporting Snow Leopard Conservation for Sustainable Development

    Despite contributing significantly to the cultural identity of the diverse ethnic groups and nations that call the high mountain regions their home, the number of snow leopards is rapidly dwindling. In the 12 countries where they are currently found there are only an estimated 4,000 snow leopards left.

  • Women in rural development in southern Kosovo*

    Agriculture and rural entrepreneurship can be a promising source of income for Kosovars who are willing to work the land. In a place where the unemployment rate is a staggering 32.9 percent, growing and selling produce can be the difference in making ends meet.

  • Banking on community: Inclusive finance for poverty reduction in DR Congo

    Nearly 55 percent of the population is classed as “financially excluded”, and potential borrowers are often unable to provide the guarantees required to receive credit.

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